What is the typical weather like?

Please check the Clover weather conditions to the left or at www.noaa.gov before packing. If road conditions are severe, we will contact your lead teacher directly.

What do you do if it rains?

During rainy/snowy days, we try to continue with program as planned. We are able to run almost all of our programs in the rain or snow. If the rain/snow is too heavy (or includes lightning) and does not permit the scheduled program, we always have fun and exciting indoor alternatives.

Do you serve vegetarian alternatives?

We provide a vegetarian option at every meal. We also have a salad bar at both lunch and dinner.

How do you deal with a severe food allergy?

We deal with food allergies every day. We have provided a letter from our Kitchen Director that explains the accommodations we can make for children with food allergies, as well as a basic menu of the meals at AstroCamp. The best course of action is to read the Food Allergy Letter, then contact our Kitchen Director if you have any further questions. As always, the earlier we know about your severe food allergies, the better we can serve your specific needs.

Do you have Student Health Forms in other languages?

We have med forms in PDF format in both English- AstroCamp Student Health Form

Do you have a nurse or doctor on site?

We do not have a nurse or doctor on the premises. Our staff holds certifications in first aid, CPR for the Professional Rescuer, and Lifeguarding. For more serious issues we can contact the local paramedics who will arrange transport to the local clinic or hospital. The typical EMS response time to our facility is 6-10 minutes.

Can I participate if I have asthma?

Students with asthma can participate. It is critical for students with asthma to carry their inhaler with them to every program including programs such as Microgravity and Day Hikes. Without their inhaler, participation in the program may be limited.

What is the water temperature in the Pool?

The pool averages 75 degrees.

How many chaperones am I allowed to bring?

You are allowed to bring one chaperone for each study group (10-15 students). We do reserve the right to limit the number of chaperones.  The more adult leaders that come, the less space is available to serve students.

Why is it necessary for the chaperones to supervise the kids both inside and outside the dorms and around camp at free time?

Adult leaders are our greatest allies and an integral part of our program. By having the chaperones care for the students during non-programming time, our staff is able to prepare for the next activity and address other camp needs.

Where can parents send mail?

Child’s Name
School Name and Dates
c/o AstroCamp
8144 Mt. Laurel Rd.
Clover, VA 24534

You will need to mail your letter a week prior to your camper’s visit for them to actually receive it during their time at AstroCamp. Care packages are discouraged.

Can I send my camper a care package?

Please DO NOT send care packages. They will be returned or given to the head teacher.

Can I call my child at camp? Can my child call home?

We request that you call your child only in the case of an emergency. Incoming parent phone calls can be a challenge because students are busy in program from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Students are only allowed to call home with the knowledge and consent of their head teacher.

Can I get cell phone reception?

The majority of people will not be able to get reception. Everyone’s cell phone plan is different, so cell phone reception is very hit-and-miss.

Can parents visit their kids?

No. Due to the remote location of our facility, and for the safety of all our campers, we do not allow parental visits during camp.

Do you have wireless Internet?

There is wireless Internet available in the Chaperone Lounge. Due to the limited bandwidth available, the internet is only available to our adult leaders and not to our students.

How is AstroCamp staff hired and trained?

Requirements for being an instructor at AstroCamp are a Bachelor’s degree in Physics or Astronomy, a strong desire to teach, and a love for working with children. After a thorough interview process, every staff is background checked and drug tested and trained in AstroCamp’s famous hands-on teaching methods. Our applicants come from all over the United States. We hire only the highest quality individuals.

Do you have a summer camp?

Yes! We have summer camp programs here, AstroCamp Virginia and Camp Motorsport and our parent company Guided Discoveries also runs summer camp programs in Idyllwild, CA AstroCamp California and on Catalina Island called Catalina Sea Camp.

What are my options for paying my school’s final bill?

We prefer to obtain payment at the time of the school’s visit. If this is not possible due to your school’s policies, we ask that payment be made to our business office within 10 business days of your trip.