All the options below are available to school groups staying for FIVE days.

Lake Day: Your entire school will enjoy the fun and sun at Lake Orion. From swimming and paddle-boarding to fishing and volleyball students will get a chance to relax and have fun, while also enjoying a fantastic lakeside barbecue lunch.

Kart Driving: After learning the basic physics and engineering behind gas-powered karts, students will get in-depth safety and performance driving training from our Performance Driving Staff. Students will break into groups and get to drive karts on the best kart track on the east coast.

Advanced Rockets!: Go beyond water bottles and build real combustion rockets that go thousands of feet high. This class is a true adventure in rocketry. Students design their own rocket either from scratch or from a kit. The class concludes with an on-campus rocket-launching trip to see which rockets go highest.

Field Day: Students compete in teams and spend the day competing in soccer, volleyball, badminton, human foosball, Frisbee, Frisbee golf, and basketball. They will also get to enjoy a delicious barbecue lunch and picnic.