Outdoor Education

Outside of our hands on science labs, the world is calling to be explored. Our instructors can lead a series of hikes and other biological walks and give students a chance to be immersed into different eco systems all without leaving AstroCamp.

Day Hike (one class period)

Spend an hour and a half discovering the trails of AstroCamp and our neighboring forest and river. AstroCamp is home to a lot flora and fauna found at few other places in the world, from enormous and ancient Incense Cedar trees to endangered amphibians. The hikes not only include spectacular scenery of the surrounding areas, but also ample opportunity to explore local geologic phenomenon.

Extended Day Hike (two class periods)

The Extended Day Hike provides an even greater opportunity to delve into the natural and man made history of our area. Team building and other games are played during this time as well.

Full Day Hike (5-day groups only) (4 class periods)

There’s no better way to let students study nature than to immerse them in it. On the full day hike, students will truly get the chance to connect with and explore nature. Led by our expert instructors, students will spend the day studying plant and animal life of the mountain ecosystem, learn a little bit about how the area was formed, and get a close-up study of geology by examining rocks and rock formation in and around Clover.