AstroCamp Virginia provides a unique and exciting program environment that’s the perfect way to enhance any student’s education. AstroCamp is a STEM based hands-on earth and physical science program with an emphasis on astronomy and space exploration. Students in 4th to 12th grade participate in either 3-day or 5-day overnight options in an outdoor education setting.  

The AstroCamp school programs meet science content standards for many states and can include adventure and team building activities. 

Each full day offers six hours of daytime instruction and an hour and a half of evening programming lead by our expert instructors.

Also, with the new national focus on teaching STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) in our schools, AstroCamp’s curriculum is more relevant than ever

By focusing on hands-on experiential science and utilizing Our stateoftheart labs and equipment, coupled with the natural environment of Clover, Virginia, stimulates minds, and most importantly, creates excitement about science.  

Our classes are designed to inspire students toward future success in their academic and personal pursuits. For more information about program options and lengths, please see the Planning Packet.