Space Night:

Space night is one of our signature evening programs in which the benefits are unparalleled. Clover, Virginia sits in one of the few Dark Sky areas of the country and provides unparalleled night sky viewing. Be prepared to be amazed! After touring our solar system on a planetary walk under the stars, groups will visit our state of the art observatory. Assigned their own portion of the viewing area, each group has at their disposal: seven night sky binoculars, two massive 12″ Dobsonian telescopes, and a computerized 11” Celestron telescope. Groups will also rotate through using our 17” Celestron Deep Space Telescope and CCD Camera to capture incredible space images.

Astro Imaging:

Take advantage of our spectacular night skies by using specialized photography techniques for astronomical objects and large areas of the night sky. Students will use DSLR cameras to capture spectacular images of the Milky Way and other celestial objects. They will also use our 11” Celestron RASA imagining telescope to capture deep space images. Students will leave with a new skill set and incredible images too!

Night Hike:

Students bring flashlights and explore some of our 400 acres during this leg of our evening activities. Instructors will lead a mix of sensory awareness activities, wildlife ecology, and old school story telling giving students a chance to “experience” Clover at night.

Whirling Windmills:

Generate electricity by harnessing the power of the wind using your own windmill design. Test and improve your windmill as many times as possible and see if we can produce enough power to light up a tower!

Campfire and Traditional Evening Activities:

This is a chance to enjoy Clover at night, maybe with a marshmallow or two. Your school staff will be responsible for planning and conducting campfire. Skits, songs, stories and/or wrap-up activities work well for campfires.

Space is Right:

Based on the popular gameshow The Price is Right, this activity introduces students to the mind-boggling numbers seen in Astronomy. Each question will come with some background information, and then open up the floor to the students to make guesses. This makes for an entertaining learning environment with some great prizes!

Interstellar Auction:

Students will be broken into groups and given currency to spend on making a new colony. Groups will bid on real exoplanets and futuristic technologies to make the best destination in a fun and fast paced gameshow setting with science mixed in.


And the circle gets the square! Based on the popular game show students will compete in our version of tic-tac-toe with fellow students filling the squares. Students and chaperones will have a blast learning in this creative and dynamic program. You won’t find a program like this anywhere else!

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